What are your hours?
Tues – Friday: 8a – 8p
Sat & Sun by special appointment only

How do I arrange a session?
All sessions are by appointment. Basically just call or email and we’ll get you scheduled.

How long is each session?
Appointments are booked in one-hour increments. This hour includes:

  • time to discuss your dog’s condition and any updates or concerns since the last appointment, prior to the swim
  • swim time and rest time (amount of time spent resting between sets is dependent on your dog’s physical condition)
  • use of the wash n’ go room to rinse and dry your dog after the swim
  • scheduling your next appointment
  • getting any questions answered before you leave.

How much does it cost for a swim session?

  • Rehabbing dogs = $35 an hour
  • Once your dog is healthy, rates lower to $30 an hour
  • You can bring more than one dog to each session. Add $10 for each additional dog

What is your cancellation policy?
We understand schedules change. We don’t charge for cancellations. Please call us as soon as you know of a schedule change. We’re always busy and always have dogs who can come in on short notice.

Do you use life jackets?
We do and have them in all shapes and sizes. Most dogs will use a life jacket for at least several sessions and then graduate to swimming without a jacket. However, it’s really up to you and your dog’s conditioning.

Do you have size limits on dogs?
Nope. We work with tiny little creatures and huge dogs alike. We love them all!

Does it matter how young or old my dog is?
It does not. Properly introducing a puppy to water can be very exciting. Likewise, we have several elderly dogs who get little if any other exercise than their swim session (it’s a joy to see an elderly dog make guided laps around the pool.

How big is your pool?
8′ X 20″

Can my dog swim against current?
Yes. We have three levels of intensity:

  • still
  • low current (it does require more effort)
  • high current (require a significant amount of extra effort and is recommended for physically fit dogs and only in short spurts)

If rehabbing, how many sessions will my dog require?
This depends entirely on the ailment and current physical condition of your dog, as well as how many times you are able to attend. Generally, a minimum of once a week is required. For certain conditions, two to three times a week is needed initially to get good results. The frequency may be reduced once your dog has reached a critical point of recovery.
Do not be surprised if in the first session the actual swim time is minimal. With dogs who are nervous it is very important to slowly and gradually build up the duration of the swim time. Swimming programs are designed to reflect the fitness level of the individual dog, and each dog is continually assessed for changes in cardiovascular and respiratory performance. Swimming programs are modified based upon this assessment.

Can I get in the water with my dog?
At first, I will always be in the water with your dog. As you and your dog become more comfortable with the swim environment at Dunkin Dawgs, you’re welcome to suit up and jump in. We have a changing room and warm towels. However, you don’t have to ever get in the water. I’m happy to do it.

Will I get wet?
More than likely. Your dog is swimming back and forth and many are fetching and retrieving a ball (and bringing it back to you). Oh, invariably, your dog will wait until you get closer than a foot away and then shake. We recommend you dress appropriately (suit and tie not recommended)

My dog does not prefer to swim, will hydrotherapy work for him?
Some breeds do like the water more than others. However, we find that if we take our time and keep them calm, all dogs settle down once they feel safe. The first session is spent very quietly letting your dog get used to the water on the platform with a hydrotherapist sitting beside him/her. Sometimes toys or treats are offered at this point to comfort your dog. Once the dog feels at ease, the hydrotherapist will slowly pick up and gently place him/her in the water while still holding on. We will often stay this way until the dog trusts us and has reached a suitable comfort level. We then start doing the “crab walk” with the dog in our arms to get the idea of moving. Slowly, we release our arms and let the dog float. A dog’s instinct is to swim and it’s surprising how quickly this happens.

What do I need to bring?
All you need to bring is yourself and your dog. We supply the lifejackets, towels and toys. Some people like to bring a camera. Please arrive at least 5 or 10 minutes prior to your appointment. This will give you time to let your dog relieve himself/herself before the swim, which is extremely important. We do have biodegradable bags if you need them.

Is there a lot of chlorine in the water and will it irritate my dog?
We use a very gentle brand of chlorine specially designed for K9 water therapy pools. Additionally, we triple filter our water to it stays very clean.