About Dunkin Dawgs

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Nancy Long, owner of Dunkin Dogs, tends to Sasha following Sasha’s knee surgery

Nancy Long is the owner of Dunkin Dogs. Nancy served as a Veterinary Technician Assistant for over a decade in the Janesville area and is trained in Canine CPR and Canine Emergency First Aid.
Additionally, Nancy is the owner of The Dawg Zone in Janesville. The Dawg Zone is a doggie daycare facility offering outstanding training facilities, top notch trainers and grooming services.

During her time as a vet tech assistant, Nancy felt the urge to gain further training in canine rehabilitation. In 2004, she enrolled in the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Coral Springs, FL, a school offering veterinary and physical therapy professionals the premier training in canine rehabilitation.

By the summer of 2004, Nancy had decided to create a business where she could best utilize her knowledge and passion — Dunkin Dawgs was born.

Having been trashed by a previous tenant, building at 1609 W. Court Street in Janesville was in shambles. The only positive of the building’s condition was Nancy had the ability to start from scratch and physically build out the business exactly how she wanted.  Within a few months, the doors to Dunkin Dawgs were opened.