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Sasha and Nancy at Dunkin Dawgs K9 Swim Center
Sasha and Nancy at Dunkin Dawgs K9 Swim Center

Welcome To Dunkin Dawgs K9 Swim Center

Every dog can benefit from a visit to Dunkin Dawgs K9 Swim Center. Our indoor pool is heated to provide the most comfortable experience for your dog. Who benefits from K9 swim therapy? Certainly overweight dogs and dogs rehabbing from surgeries (of all kinds but especially joint injuries). But your dog does not need to be either overweight or ailing. Swimming is tremendous fun for your dog and simply an outstanding method of rigorous exercise. Many of our regulars started coming for a rehab and quickly realized how much fun their dogs were having. Most of our clients keep coming back long after their K9 has healed. And bring their new dogs in too! It’s a perfect environment for the athlete, the couch potatoes and the rehabbers.

Sasha swims without a life jacket.

Here Are Some Features You’ll Find At Dunkin Dawgs In Janesville

  • Your dog can swim in still water – or for a more demanding workout, against a controlled current
  • Heated 8′ X 20′ pool
  • We triple filter the water and use a very gentle chlorine created specifically for this type of environment
  • We will always be in the pool with your dog, or, if you so desire, bring your own trunks and hop in!
  • We have plenty of toys but feel free to bring your dog’s favorite
  • Sessions are by appointment only and are typically 45 minutes (sessions are scheduled on the hour with time for getting ready and drying off
  • We have warm towels ready to dry off your dog (and you). We have a blow dryer as well
  • Gift certificates and birthday parties are welcome
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A Newfoundland dog club swims at Dunkin Dawgs Janesville, WI

What To Expect During Your First Visit

     It really depends on your dog’s health. Some of our dogs play fetch during the entire session. Some just swim around the perimeter of the pool.

  • If your dog is coming to rehab an injury, we’ll outfit it with a life jacket and help if up the short steps to ease it into the pool (we have jackets of all shapes and sizes)
  • Most dogs do tend to use a life jacket, but once they’ve built up their muscles, or simply get used to swimming, it’s OK to try without it
  • Don’t be surprised if your dog is a bit nervous to start. Even some of our best swimmers were tentative at first (it’s normal)
  • Expect to get wet — not soaked — but more than likely, your dog will bring its toy back to you and will want you fairly close at hand (we’ll give you a warm towel too!)
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Swimming is always fun at Dunkin Dawgs.

Our goal at Dunkin Dawgs is to provide your dog with not only a friendly place to swim, but to give your dog a fun and pleasant experience while here. Have questions or want to book an appointment? Click here for our contact information.